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A digital world Virtual and Reality

The power of video and online content have become the best and sometimes the only way to communicate nowadays. Live video creates more engagement from your audience than on-demand video. Connecting and interacting, from anywhere in the world so we can stay in touch, learn or present new products. Everything digital.

In our state-of-the-art greenscreen studio we can make almost anything possible with the magic of combining a virtual world with live action on camera. All recorded at once so you can see instant where you are in the world. And therefore after the video shoot a minimal post production time. Saving on cost and time to share the video content.
Besides virtual we also love 'Reality'. Make video production and content not via VR technology, but film on location your presentation, make a TV talkshow style production. Or film a live main event like concert of summit event with keynote speakers.

The power of ViRe Media is that we can combine the 'Virtual' and 'Reality' into a hybrid production. Think of having a talkshow with guests sitting at the table, a remote speaker joining giving a keynote speech, just like they are staying with you in the studio.

Or we use the power of our technology to give your online viewers a TV show like an experience of an online event.

Virtual productions

With our massive 210m2 green screen we can create and host a large variety of productions. Combined with our technology we can make some awesome content. We can make a shot with just one person in the studio or host a TV talkshow with multiple guests. Even roll in a car for a commercial. Or why not a piano for a concert that's held on the top of a mountain? It'a all possible.

The possibilities are endless. You could have a shoot at 3 maybe even 5 different locations with zero extra traveling and setup time going to multiple locations on one day.

And thru the tracking technology we use, we can move the camera in the studio, and our virtual background changes with it. Giving us the freedom to follow someone when walking in the studio. Panning around. Zoom in and make a close shot. Or a nice flyover with the crane.

All while maintaining the feeling that's all one image. As if one is standing in the a real world scene, instead of just a background image.
We can create the 3D world for you or you can bring in your own design. And on the basis of your script we can work out the planning of the shoot.

As we are using live generated 3D graphics in our studio together with the tracking data from our camera's we can shoot In Camera Video FX, ICVFX for short. Giving you instant feedback on you or your product within the VR world.

This method also saves a lot in post production time. No more need to merge the screen video with the 3D generated video graphics. Eliminating a lot of time consuming work. And by using ICVFX what you see is what you get during the shoot. So if something is out of place we can fix it on the spot and do a re-shoot.

The advantages are big. See what you shoot when moving around in the studio. Have multiple setups over production time. With minimal changes over time. Cutting cost of set change over. Or even have the same light conditions all day. So it can be the whole day sunrise. We have all the time to capture the magic moment we need in a shot.
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Reality \ Hybrid productions

When our have a in-live event and have speakers on stage on speaking via a remote call. Together with a audience in the venue and online. We are there to help you manage all the technology and give the audience a experience as if the speaker is with them in the hall and engaged. Possible having Q&A sessions were the remote speaker can see the person asking the question.

And for the online viewers giving them the best possible experience to watch the event. With views of the event hall. Speakers on stage and the remote speakers. Showing the slide deck and other sources of value for the viewing experience
To capture your event and direct it we use industry stand broadcast equipment of brands like Sony, Canon and Blackmagic. We can connect up to 30 source and mix and route these various destinations. Have up to 10 direct recordings (iso recordings) form the event to use for recuts or other content applications.

We can stream to multiple platforms at once. All major platforms a option. Event streaming the video feeds to for instance the NPO Broadcast network for TV.

With the help of some special hardware we are able to work with Zoom and grap each Zoom caller as a individual video source. So no gallary view of pin spot during the show. Every speaker is a separate video feed for our workflow even with there own audio. So we can adjust the sound level and EQ per speaker.
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3 packages

Bring Your Own Device

If you just need a green screen you can just rent it. We provide the basic lighting of the studio. You bring your own equipment, props and other facilities needed for your production. If you do need some extra equipment on the spot, we can help you out with our cameras, autocues, lights, monitors and more.

Basic Greenscreen

Need to shoot a video production or an item against a greenscreen and just a photo or artwork as a background? No fancy 3D or virtual reality? Let us help you with that. Providing artwork to insert behind the presenter, to give your presentation that extra touch. Escape the standard studio setting.

Immersive Experience

Want to overwhelm your guests with a full immersive 3D live show? Where you can walk inside a 3D world and have multiple camera's follow you, matching every movement with the 3D world? We use the same technology as in TV shows as the Mandalorian or the Marvels movie pictures. Make a next level presentation.

Let's create memories together

We can create a complete online production in our studios in addition to unique content. We record with top industry standard 4K camera’s and work with professional directors and technicians to create a dynamic show or presentation.
We can work with realtime streams, all kinds of social media and direct broadcasting on platforms like facebook, youtube or vimeo.

Our digital designers can create tailored content so your production can be fully branded. We love to create and brainstorm about all possibilities for your concept and live event.
We can also assist in additional production facilities like interior decoration, presenters, entertainment like dancers, dj’s and musicians.

Where can you find us

Our studios are located in Amstelveen Westwijk, next to Amsterdam and Schiphol. Just 13 minutes from Schiphol Airport and 25 min from Amsterdam City Centre. We have lots of parkingspaces. Next to our studio we have a large production area, office space for meetings, dress room upstairs as well as a fully equipped kitchen for catering.

ViRe Media BV
Schweizerlaan 32
1187 JD Amstelveen

For more info contact us via office@viremedia.io or call +31 6 15 06 26 00

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